Delivery Policy

Our Delivery Policy

Delivery Options and Times

Daytime Delivery: this delivery option guarantees that your flowers will be delivered between the hours of 8am and 8pm on the chosen delivery date.

Express Delivery: this delivery option guarantees that your flowers will be delivered within a four hour time window of your choosing. The available time options for any given day are as follows: 12am to 4am, 4am to 8am, 8am to 12pm, 12pm to 4pm, 4pm to 8pm, and 8pm to 12am.

Priority Delivery: this delivery option guarantees that your flowers will be delivered at a specific time of your choosing. Times are available in 15 minute intervals; any time is available within the 24 hours in one day, 7 days a week.

Rush Delivery: this delivery option guarantees that your flowers will be delivered within two hours of processing your order. This delivery option is available 24/7.

Pickup Option: this option is available 24/7, and allows you to pick up your flowers from our shop, located at Hotel Alexander Lobby, 306 W 94th St, New York, NY 10025.

After Hours Fee: Any order placed for delivery between the hours of 8pm and 8am will incur an After Hours Fee of $19.99.

Distance Fee: Any order placed for delivery in The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn or Staten Island will incur a distance fee of $19.99.

Delivery Times for Specific Occasions

Flower deliveries to restaurants, events, or other specific time occasions can be placed for Priority Delivery. Each gift will be delivered within specified time frames but delivery time may vary in case of heavy traffic or adverse weather conditions.

Delivery for the Same Day

If you wish your package to arrive on the day you place your order, please make sure you make it by 2 o’clock. Deliveries taken afterwards will require a different delivery option.

Delivery for Funeral Homes

Your sentiments are valuable to us, and we understand how important it must be for you to make such arrangements. This is why each order is considered high priority. In case the delivery is delayed or if the order has not been processed for any reason, you will be informed immediately so that temporary or other arrangements can be made. If we are unable to fulfill the order such as a funeral banner, we will offer you other options.

Weekend Delivery Policies

Even though most florists do not deliver on weekends, we will accommodate each order as if it were any other day of the week. All incomplete deliveries will be rescheduled for later that day or the following date, depending on the recipient’s availability. We will contact you before rescheduling for permission.

P.O. Box Deliveries

A.P.O and P.O box deliveries are not fulfilled by us.

Incorrect Addresses

Please make sure to review your email order confirmation and all details are correct when the order has been placed. We will not be responsible for incorrect deliveries in this case.

Recipient Unavailable

In the case that your recipient is not available at the time we attempt delivery, your order will be left with the doorman, a neighbor, coworker, roommate or, if none of these options are possible, at the apartment door. In the event that we cannot enter the building or leave the flowers for any reason, we will contact the customer to inform them of the situation, or the recipient will be contacted to make other arrangements.

Flowers not Delivered on Time

In the case that your flowers are not delivered at within the time of the chosen delivery option, you may contact the support team to reschedule your delivery. If the recipient was unavailable at the time of attempted delivery, we will reschedule the delivery for a time that better suits the recipient. If the delivery was not made and the blame falls on our delivery fee, we will refund the delivery fee amount from the original order.

Canceling of an Order

Orders made on the same day cannot be cancelled. Orders which have been booked for another day can be cancelled immediately. You can contact us through our website, email, or call us to cancel any order.

Contacting Recipient

If the recipient is not available at the dropping point, they may be contacted in order to make further arrangements.

Leaving Package(s) at Door

We may leave the package at the recipients doorstep, but we will not be responsible if due to any reason they do not receive the package. We do not guarantee that the package is safe at the door steps, and we cannot be held responsible if the package is misplaced.

Leaving Package(s) at Message Centers

There are occasions which prevent us from delivering flowers directly to your recipient’s hands. Many office buildings in New York City have increased security measures after the events of 9/11, and direct all floral deliveries to the Message Center, where other packages and deliveries are received by a building employee on behalf of your recipient. If you received a delivery confirmation and your recipient has not yet received the flowers you ordered, direct them to the Message Center.

Refusal of Package Acceptance

If the delivery of the package is refused by the recipient, the person who made the order will still be held liable.

Taxes & Pricing

• New York Sales Tax will be applied on checkout
• Products which are upsized or booked also have taxes and pricing applicable.